Funeral accessories Customized

From 1960


The refined personalization of hot stamping

Our ancient tradition of craftsmanship is reflected in the workmanship for the customization of its items.

In fact, Pubblipel’s line of funeral accessories not only offers a combination of different colors and styles, but also uses the hot stamping technique to create understated and elegant decorations.

The foil that is applied during printing is distinguished by its ability to retain the original color and gloss for a long time, effectively resists rubbing and is durable.

About us

Traditional craftsmanship for our made in Italy

From the very beginning, the decision was made to adopt a method of workmanship that combines the skills of the staff with the use of refined, high-quality materials; an approach that has earned the company the double certificate of made-in-Italy production and craftsmanship.

To this day, production processes emphasize the human component as well as the experience of highly trained experts: modern machinery is used to ensure high precision, but it is only supportive of the workers’ expertise.