About us

Made in Italy artisan tradition

Our long history begins in 1970, thanks to the idea of ​​Decio Ricciarelli and his wife Iliana to create a company of advertising items for companies. After three generations and having acquired experience and credibility in the sector, we at Pubblipel have broadened our horizons towards the funeral sector, investing our commitment for over 15 years.
Thus was born our line of “Class Accessories”: a wide range of products entirely dedicated to the world of funeral honors.

Products with attention to the smallest details

Attention to detail is a fundamental element, which has been handed down for generations and allows us to distinguish our items for elegance and refinement of details.
Thanks to this feature, we have entered the daily life of those funeral homes that want to differentiate themselves through a refined, unique and exclusive image; at the same time maintaining a classic and refined line.

More than 50 years of activity

In these first 50 years of activity we have developed our artisan method, in which the human component plays a fundamental role and remains active in all stages of processing. The mission that has accompanied us for over 15 years in this sector is the idea of ​​offering a practical and long-lasting funeral accessory, which becomes the best “advertisement” for the funeral homes that decide to collaborate with us!

Funeral accessories made in Italy

Among the many funeral homes in the area, only those that really care about their customers stand out and develop a wide and complete range of funeral accessories, ranging from signature books, photo frames, end-of-service caskets.

Pubblipel has been working for more than twenty years to provide products that anticipate the customer’s needs, durable and resistant because they are obtained from the processing of the best materials and processed according to techniques that have earned the company the certification of craftsmanship.

Having tradition at heart, however, does not mean turning your back on the future, in fact we use technological machinery to create products that meet the high standards of our Made in Italy certification, a symbol of value and competence.

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