Signature books

For those who care about the environment, it is possible to request the bold, ecological version of the signature book made from cardboard and recycled paper.

Signature books

A gesture that remains over time

Our range of offers was already wide, but from this year we have introduced two other innovative options, to keep up with the times also in the “signature books” sector.

Hence the variants with customized 360 ° printing and the “Bio” variant, made with eco-sustainable materials.
Both respond to current trends and create and integrate new opportunities for personalizing the corporate image.

In fact, these two new possibilities complement the craftsmanship that has distinguished us for over twenty years and brings us close to a large number of Italian companies

Attention to details

We at Pubblipel have decided to devote ample space to customization.

A wide range of cover colors is available, and you can request to have your logo included on the inside pages of the signature books, with a gift included in the price of 200 single-color printed items.